BYSL's First Annual 60-Day Challenge

Congratulations to the 2007 60-Day Challenge Participants!

“Regardless of your age or current physical condition you’ll laugh, cry, moan, groan, sweat and experience the most exciting, hard working and effective therapeutic yoga routine in the world.” ~ Bikram Choudhury

A Great Big Thank you to all Participants.
From your friends and family, the staff here at BYSL.

Here are the 2007 Challenge Successful Participants:

1. Mas Nash
2. Samantha Tennon
3. Gay Stallones
4. Deb Vangellow
5. Carol Hance
6. Renea Blanck
7. Christi St. Laurent
8. Linh Truong
9. Marzi Fatemizadeh
10. Nicole Sintihakis
11. Pam Pfenninger
12. Anita Shresta
13. Rashmi Gupta


A few weeks ago, we celebrated the Grand Finale of the BYSL 60-Day Challenge!

It makes us happy to have so many wonderful, dedicated students involved in our First-Ever Challenge! Watching friendships forming between our yogis was even more special.

Challenge yourself...improve your health...enhance your life! ht